2019 Agenda Day 2

Day 2 – Wednesday 25 September 2019

07:30-08:00 Registration open only for the Breakfast Briefing members

08:00-08:40 Breakfast Briefing

08.00-08:50 General Registration, Refreshments & Networking


Supply Chain Security & Risk Mitigation

  • Looking into supply chain risk management from three angles:
    • Risk management from a supply chain point of view
    • Risk management from the financial perspective
    • Risk management from the insurer’s point of view

The Road Transportation Roadmap

Despite the push towards modal shift, trucking remains the bedrock of freight transport and delivery worldwide, especially in the first and last mile. The panel will assess current challenges including driver shortages and the rise in urban deliveries and assess prospects for an increasingly autonomous future:

  • What steps need taken to be taken to deal with a tough freight environment?
  • Leading with the last mile
  • How can data help?
  • The value of real-time transportation visibility
  • Our automated future
Topic to be Announced


Getting Serious About Sustainability & Ethics

  • Waste management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Recycling, reverse logistics and end of life
  • Ethical sourcing and supplier management
  • Getting your whole ecosystem on-board


The Outlook for Ocean & Air Freight

  • How to successfully secure ocean and air freight capacity
  • The supply and demand outlook
  • The impact of new regulations including IMO 2020 low sulphur fuel rules for shipping
  • How the tariff wars will affect international transport cost and availability
  • Digitalisation in ocean and air freight operations and what it means for supply chain managers


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11:00-11:30 Refreshments, Networking & Expo Visits


Digital Sourcing & Procurement

  • How to help procurement yield new levels of data accuracy and intelligence
  • Find out what pilot projects are being assessed – looking into artificial intelligence (AI), trialling technology like cognitive computing and virtual assistant technology


Sustainability & Eco Efficiency – Towards Carbon-Neutral Transport & Logistics


Topic to be Announced


Enterprise Data Management & Architecture

  • Data availability and how to utilise it
  • Addressing fragmentation of data and low quality data
  • How to create integrated data sets across the enterprise and with digital platforms for the endto-end supply chain
Logistics Clusters & Corridors – Hinterland Connectivity & Modal Shift – Creating a More Integrated & Sustainable Future


Topic to be Announced


13:30-14:30 Lunch, Networking & Expo Visits


Hearts & Minds - How to Align Stakeholders & Overcome Competing Priorities in the New Digital Supply Chain Ecosystem

  • Lack of connectivity with stakeholders’ platforms/network
  • Investor relations – dealing with suppliers
  • Internal/external compliance
E-Commerce & Urban Delivieries - Intelligent Transport & Smart Mobility Solutions for the Last Mile


Topic to be Announced


The Impact of 3D Printing, Additives & Other Disruptive Manufacturing Technologies

  • How additive manufacturing is able to reduce time to market
  • Find out how you can reduce costs and the number of steps in the production process
  • Learn about companies that have made moves towards on-demand printing of spare parts
Next Steps for Smart Warehousing, Fulfilment & Distribution –– Wearables, Cobots, Energy Efficiciency & More


Topic to be Announced


15:45-16:15 Refreshments, Networking & Expo Visits


Session TBC


Trade Facilitation for the Digital Age – What Shippers Need to Know


Topic to be Announced


17:00-17:30 Closing Keynote Panel: Where Now? Key Takeaways

  • Key learnings & takeways
  • Next steps
  • Top 3 action points when back in the office

The organisers reserve the right to alter the agenda and speakers

The agenda and speaker list is a work in progress and will be continually updated