Meet speaker: Clive Govender

Visionary global supply chain and procurement executive with extensive experience in manufacturing, metals and mining, currently Head of Supply Chain (Chief Procurement Officer) at Anglo American Platinum, accountable for a procurement spend of USD $4-5 billion.

Demonstrable expertise in leading procurement and supply chain transformation at an international level. Consistent delivery of positive outcomes with strong and sustainable gains. Talented professional who delivers bottom-line benefits on large-scale projects. Strategic and tactical unlocking of value through the unlocking of entire value chain using lean methodologies and process improvement. Ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities to propel organizations to world class status in the area of procurement and supply chain.

Recognized as a supply chain and procurement specialist who ensures that procurement spend supports the wider business strategy with a proven track record of driving businesses to achieve goals through a highly engaged and professional supply chain and procurement team of 530 staff.

Country: South Africa
Industry Sector: Mining & Metals

Speaker Schedule

Tuesday at 11:10am

Utilising Supplier Segmentation to Reduce Risks and Optimize Resources

In this session you will learn:

  • Segmentation of suppliers. Why this is important.
  • Managing your suppliers based on risk
  • Adopting a structured supplier relationship management process
  • Supplier performance management using a balanced scorecard approach