Meet speaker: Thomas Arlt

Country: Germany
Industry Sector: Automotive

Speaker Schedule

Wednesday at 11:40am

Your Say Panel


In this engaging and animated finish to the day, the unique "Your Say" panel discussion poses a series of questions to the audience, who vote on 1 of 2 options. These questions will explore some of the key points raised throughout the summit. Throwing the floor open, a nominee from each half of the audience is then invited to outline why they voted how they did. After both sides present their case, the panel will discuss the results and the arguments raised. 

Always enlightening, never dull, these interactive discussions provide a great insight into industry's current thinking and let you have your say.

Wednesday at 3:10pm

International Engine Supply Network: How to Manage the Increasing Flexibility Requirements?

  • Why is flexibility becoming more and more important?
  • BMW  production program and required flexibility
  • Engine supply network of the BMW Group
  • Volume and variant flexibility of engine plants and production lines