Meet speaker: Mohammed Al-Shehri

A Supply chain professional with 15 years of experience in all Supply Chain management fields with a track record in successful business start-ups, development and growth. Consistently able to build and utilize Supply Chain experience to optimize business operation processes and upgrade customer services level. A team player with high leadership ability in building highly motivated team in healthy working environment. Solution oriented with creative problem solving and crisis management ability. Strategic mind-set, looking ahead to capture opportunities for business growth and customer service improvement and continuously kept updated with latest development in supply chain best practices.

Country: Saudi Arabia
Industry Sector: Food & Beverages

Speaker Schedule

Wednesday at 9:40am

Panel Discussion: Risk Management, Profitability and the Supply Chain – A Problem of Governance?



Following our industry survey, supply chain disruption remains the biggest threat to the supply chain. So how do you ensure that your product keeps moving? How do you mitigate the risks posed by external and uncontrollable factors?

This panel will delve into the key topics of:

  • Risk management strategies applied to the supply chain
  • How risk management policy is a matter of governance
  • Why risk mitigation policies vary in importance and efficiency depending on the size of the organisation
  • How risk management strategies can support cost reduction

Wednesday at 1:50pm

The Middle East: What to Expect and How to Capitalise as the Market Develops


With E-commerce in the Middle East valued at $4.9 Billion, 12.5% growth in 2015 of new companies registered with Dubai Trade, and a UAE logistics market worth $27 billion alone, the Middle East is a lucrative market for European organisations looking to expand.

In this session, our Middle East panelists will explore:

  • Economic trends, reforms and the future of the economy
  • Supply chain economy and the impact of new reforms
  • Talent, resources and operations challenges
  • Food & beverage industry economic growth, supply chain capabilities


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