Meet speaker: Mattias Bolinder

Mattias Bolinder is Head of Distribution Management at Ericsson globally. He has worked in multiple roles mainly in Sourcing and Supply. Mattias has operated in a large number of countries globally during the last 20 years and has been based in US, Malaysia, Ukraine and in Sweden. He has a very broad experience in supply & logistics with the last 10 years on executive level.
With demanding customers in more than 180 countries and production and distribution centers spread across the world Ericsson must constantly adopt to new market requirements in order to stay relevant in a very competitive industry.

Country: Sweden
Industry Sector: High-tech

Speaker Schedule

Wednesday at 9:40am

Logistics Network Design in Focus

Learn how innovative logistics network design can help you strike the ideal balance of cost and service to achieve improved service and cost reduction and discover how to:

  • Evaluate current network and network nodes
  • Set up and administrate network optimization databases
  • Optimize network nodes playing with hierarchy, pooling opportunities, cross-docking
  • Enhance inventory localization: full-stocking, centralized slow-movers, postponement strategy