2019 Gallery

2019 GALLERY - coming very soon!

The 21st Supply Chain & Logistics Summit was held in 2019 in Antwerp and was a busy three days of integrated plenary sessions, discussion panels, topic drill-downs, case studies and interactive round table debates.

We were delighted to have an impressive line-up of expert industry speakers and participants taking part to craft supply chains of the future.


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20th Annual EMEA Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Expo 2018!

2018 Gallery

SCLEMEA 2018 was three full days jam-packed of interactive sessions, insightful workshops + roundtables and networking events.

This year we highlighted the latest trends and key challenges in Supply Chain Management. We were delighted to have key speakers, industry leaders and supply chain experts all in one place.


19th Annual EMEA Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Expo

2017 Gallery

With over 500+ attendees, we celebrated our 19th annual edition of the Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Expo 2017. Taking place in the beautiful city of Barcelona, SCL delivered the latest trends in Supply Chain Management.

Have a look at our 2017 gallery to discover what made this edition a must-attend summit.


18th Annual Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Expo

2016 Gallery

In our 18th edition we offered exclusive first-hand access to the latest insights in Supply Chain Management. From interactive sessions and networking events, to an inspirational speakers line-up and masterclass knowledge.

The 2016 photo gallery is available to view the events that took place in Barcelona.