Agenda 2019

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Our Advisory Board members, highly experienced C-Level executives in a variety of SC sectors, met last October to discuss the problems, solutions and opportunities for the industry, with a particular focus on companies 'going digital'.  

The conclusions formed the basis of our Agenda to ensure the topics are current and are genuine issues facing the industry :

Ripping Up The Rule Book

Re-Aligning People, Process, Culture & Technology for Maximum Resilience in a Constantly Changing World

Across the globe, the rule book is being torn up for supply chain and logistics planning, operations and the professionals tasked with marshalling the services, assets and people to deliver the goods. Automation and digitalisation are disrupting traditional business models, consumer expectations, supply chain, logistics and transport networks at an unprecedented pace and scale – and the speed of technology development will never be as slow as it is today.

As long-established roles, relationships and markets are swept away on a transformative tide of technology, industry professionals are tasked with disrupting from within, redefining reality and reinventing supply chain and logistics ecosystems – all while continuing to operate in the here and now. This is no mean feat and there is much trial and error to come, under the glare of a more informed C-suite, customers, suppliers, public and regulators, all of whom expect more transparency, visibility and information than ever before. Supply chain, logistics and freight transport are no longer the “invisible professions” and the ethical, environmental, governance, safety, social and security dimensions of modern supply chains are arguably just as pressing as technology transformation. Indeed, these all go hand-in-hand.

Redefining and re-aligning the relationship between the physical and digital worlds is now an imperative and we are only at the start of the journey. But the gulf between leaders and laggards is widening, and this is not good for efficient supply chain ecosystems, where the weakest link can break the chain. Everyone needs to be brought on the journey and digital platforms and networks.will surely form part of the answer.

Eliminating waste, cost and friction is the vision and goal.

Through an integrated series of plenary sessions, discussion panels, topic drill-downs, case studies and interactive round table debates, the 21st Supply Chain & Logistics Summit will help you navigate today’s rapidly transforming business landscape, benchmark your strategy against your peers and design your roadmap for agile, sustainable and ethical productivity in an age of constant change. The accompanying Expo will connect you with innovators in physical and digital solutions for complex supply chain and logistics operations.

Join a trusted community of 500+ global supply chain and logistics leaders, peers, customers and suppliers in Antwerp this September to co-create the future. We look forward to seeing you there.


Disrupting From Within & Without – Dealing with Digital Transformation

Expect the Unexpected – Gearing Up for Constant Change

Caveat Emptor – The Lowdown on Global Logistics, Shipping & Transport


Digital Supply Chain Transformation & Innovation

Connectivity, Transparency & Control: Harnessing Blockchain, Big Data, Digital Platforms & the IoT

Customer Delight: What Does it Look Like Today?

Aligning Hearts, Minds, Processes & Wallets: Change Management Inside & Outside the Organisation

People, Process & Culture: Preparing the Groundwork for Effective Digital Transformation

Making Data Meaningful: AI, Advanced Analytics & Cognitive Tools

Adding the Inventory to S&OP

Planning & Forecasting on the Demand & Supply Side – How Do We Get Better At It?

People Matter: Diversity, Inclusion & Leadership for the Digital Age

Getting Serious About Sustainability: Reducing Supply Chain Waste & Environmental Impact

De-Risking the Supply Chain: Ethics, Governance, Safety & Compliance

De-Risking Supply Chains & Logistics Networks: Agile Strategies for a Volatile World

The Impact of 3D Printing & Other Disruptive Manufacturing Technologies And more to follow!



The Moving Supply Chain – Aligning Transport & Logistics

Ecosystems with Demand Planning & Forecasting Next Generation Logistics Hubs, Clusters & Corridors

The Roadmap for Road Transportation – Clean, Connected & Increasingly Automated, But First Let’s Take Care of the Drivers

Intelligent Transport & Smart Mobility Solutions for the Last Mile

Logistics & Transportation Procurement & Collaboration in the Digital Age

Adding Value to Logistics Ecosystems with Big Data, Cloud Computing & Digital Platforms

AI & Advanced Analytics for Data-Driven Logistics & Transportation

The Future of Oceanfreight & How Changes in the Blue Economy will Impact Global Logistics

Hinterland Connectivity & Modal Shift

Climate Change & Sustainability – Rising to the Challenge

Next Steps for Automation & Digitalisation in Warehousing & Distribution –– Wearables, Cobots, Smarts & More

Autonomous Vehicles & Robotics in Logistics & Transportation

Trade Facilitation for the Digital Age – What Shippers Need to Know


Join your peers to benchmark your strategy, share learnings and map your next steps in live round table sessions



Brexit – Managing the Moving Feast - Customised Solutions for Brexit-impacted Supply Chains 


The organisers reserve the right to alter the agenda and speakers

The agenda and speaker list is a work in progress and will be continually updated