Christophe Hudelmaier - Principal, CAMELOT Management Consultants

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<p>Christophe Hudelmaier,<br /> Principal, CAMELOT Management Consultants</p> <p>Christophe is responsible for the delivery of optimization and transformation projects in the area of Supply Chain Management and Operations at CAMELOT Management Consultants.<br /> Among other innovative initiatives, he leads the development of the revolutionary concept of "Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management" and is strongly involved in driving CAMELOT’s Digital Supply Chain Management service offering.<br /> Christophe has over 20 years of management consulting expertise in a national and international project environment with renowned customers in the process and manufacturing industry.</p> <p>Contact information of the participant:</p> <p>Christophe Hudelmaier,<br /> Principal, CAMELOT Management Consultants</p> <p>Camelot Management Consultants AG<br /> Blütenstr. 15<br /> 80799 München<br /> Germany</p>
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