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<p>Fred Baumann, Group Vice President, Global Industry Strategy, has responsibility for JDA’s manufacturing verticals. Fred launched JDA’s Flowcasting business unit, a transformational program that enables retailers, distributors and manufacturers to optimally manage the flow and production of inventory through the end to end supply chain. During Fred’s 20-year tenure with JDA, he has been instrumental in driving JDA’s collaborative trading community strategies, thought leadership, and launching the company’s CPFR, S&amp;OP and Analytics offerings.</p> <p>Fred’s previous career experience includes IBM and eight years’ experience with The Pillsbury Company (Now General Mills) where he served as a Value Chain Manager. Fred was responsible for starting the collaborative inventory program with Walmart for Pillsbury and executed other numerous value chain strategies. </p> <p>Fred received his undergraduate degree at Georgia State University and an MBA with distinction from the University of Arkansas, Sam M. Walton School of Business where he had a core focus in supply chain management. Fred was an advisory board member of the Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) VICS and GS1 industry subcommittee and is a named contributor to several published industry guidelines including the 2010 guideline: “Linking CPFR and S&amp;OP: A Roadmap to Integrated Business Planning” and the 2012 guideline: “The Ultimate Retail Supply Chain Machine, Connecting The Consumer to The Factory”. </p> <p>Fred and his team leveraged JDA’s collaborative technology and processes to help drive significant results for leaders in manufacturing and retail. In recognition of these results, the following companies were awarded “Best in Collaboration” by the VICS Industry board (Now a part of GS1):</p> <p>• Rite-Aid/Kimberly Clark<br /> • West Marine/ITT Industries<br /> • JDA Software, Best Third Party Provider<br /> • West Marine with 3M<br /> • CVS/pharmacy with Gillette<br /> • Rite Aid with Johnson &amp; Johnson<br /> • Ace Hardware with Henkel</p> <p>Fred is a frequent speaker at industry venues such as Logipharma, CSCMP, GMA, FCPC, IE Group, SCL Summit and the Institute of Business Forecasting. Fred is a published member in Food Logistics 2016 “Rock Stars of Supply Chain” for his work with FMI and customers in the food industry.</p> <p>Fred Baumann, Global Group Vice President, JDA Software</p> <p>Co-Authored Global Industry Standard Publications (GS1)<br /> • Overview: Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR) – May 2004<br /> • DC Replenishment Collaboration – February 2005<br /> • Store Replenishment Collaboration Business Process Guide – May 2005<br /> • Implementing Successful Large Scale CPFR Programs and Onboarding Trading Partners Business Process Guide – August 2007<br /> • Collaborative Assortment Planning for Apparel &amp; Footwear Business Process Guide – December 2007<br /> • Linking CPFR &amp; S&amp;OP: A Roadmap to Integrated Business Planning - September 2010<br /> • The Ultimate Retail Supply Chain Machine: Connecting the Consumer to the Factory – January 2013</p> <p>Additional authored, co-authored and named contributed works:</p> <p>• Baumann, Fred, Glen Ceniza, Serge Massicotte, Anand Medepalli, Kelly Thomas, Digital Supply Chain for dummies, John Wiley &amp; Sons, Inc, 2017<br /> • Seifert, Dirk , Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment, How to Create a Supply Chain Advantage, Galileo Business, 2002<br /> • Ireland, Ron, Supply Chain Collaboration, How to Implement CPFR and Other Best Collaborative Practices, J. ROSS Publishing, 2005<br /> • Slone, Ruben E., Dittman, Paul J, Mentzer, John T, The New Supply Chain Agenda, The 5 Steps That Drive Real Value, Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation, 2010.<br /> • Baumann, Fred and Andraski, Joe, Collaborate Internally and Externally, In CPFR and S&amp;OP , Two Planning Vehicles are Better Than One, Industrial Engineering, June 2010<br /> • Baumann, Fred, The Shelf Connected Supply Chain: Strategically Linking CPFR with S&amp;OP at the Executive Level, Journal of Business Forecasting, Volume 29 – Issue 4, Winter 2010-2011</p>
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