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<p>Jens Rieder,<br /> Senior Consultant, CAMELOT Management Consultants </p> <p>Leveraging a strong background in process-redesign and implementation projects Jens is at the very front of supply chain innovation projects. He combines supply chain insights with technical understanding, which allows him to tackle problems along the supply chain leveraging latest technology innovations. Currently, Jens leads all CAMELOT initiatives in the field of “AI-driven production planning”. Using machine learning algorithms, these initiatives take supply chain planning, parameterization, supply chain simulation and advanced analytics to the next level.<br /> Jens has more than 5 years of management and process consulting expertise helping Fortune 100 companies within international projects bring their innovations to life.</p> <p>Contact information of the participant:</p> <p>Jens Rieder,<br /> Senior Consultant, CAMELOT Management Consultants </p> <p>Camelot Management Consultants AG<br /> Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 12<br /> 68165 Mannheim<br /> Germany</p>
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