Ryan Clark | Co-Founder | nClouds


I am an entrepreneur and lifelong technology advocate. I am a very lucky husband and father. My career has often been a cycle of breathing in new technology and connecting it in useful ways for people. Along the way I have worked with amazing people. I am currently learning and building at Middlestate (Human Centered Design) and DataHarvest (Agriculture Data Technology). These two teams are providing a voice for some of the coolest and most important technology I have ever worked on. In the past I co-founded nClouds to migrate companies to the cloud where we have evolved to build and maintain modern infrastructures. I am so proud of the team nClouds has grown into. They are simply the best DevOps group out there. Lastly, I work with two special teams at Sound and Vision Foundation and aBotSpot. Two nonprofits that invest in the community I was born into, in Visalia California. Access to music and art combined with access to advanced tools and technologies are critical investments that I personally spend time working on.
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